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                                welcome to my portfolioi create beautiful websites

                                You're one click away from something amazing. Go ahead. Clicky.

                                I'm a crazy interwebs enthusiast. I've been Photoshopping for over four years working for clients on a global scale.

                                I specialize in website and user interface design, but if there's something you need to look great, I'm your man.

                                what i've been doing

                                • GlassHost
                                • Edge
                                • eXpressive

                                WEB DESIGNLEVEL: OVER 9000

                                An extensive knowledge of Photoshop & the latest web trends is essential to create visually appealing websites that look and feel beautiful.

                                A good looking website is good business.
                                I can help with that.

                                ILLUSTRATIONLEVEL: GETTING THERE

                                I've been using Photoshop for a good 4 or 5 years now, but I've never really played with any other software until I recently aquired Adobe Illustrator CS5.

                                It's still early days, but I expect I'll be offering illustration & vector design to the standard of my other work very soon! ;)

                                LOGO & BRANDINGLEVEL: REALLY HIGH

                                Branding is the most important thing. Ever. A strong brand creates a connection between the product and the clientele motivating them to use or buy your product/service.

                                I can create an amazing visual brand for your product.

                                PRINT DESIGNLEVEL: ADVANCED

                                Although my experience with print design is somewhat limited, it's one of my favourite things to do. From business cards to stickers & letter heads to stencils, if you're in need of design for print then I'm happy to help.


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